Termites are some of the worst pests that you will ever have the displeasure of dealing with. They are very sneaky and it takes time and significant damage for you to notice their presence in your presence.in addition, they are very difficult to eliminate. They always swarm in a colony of nearly half a million termites to a million. The queen termite then puts in extra effort to lay about a thousand eggs daily. With this speed of reproduction and their extended lifespan of 50 years, terminating without the help of a professional termite pest control services near birmingham, can be very challenging.

Breeding Ground for Termites

There are three types of termites. Each type of termite has a specific locality where it prefers to reside and breed. The subterranean termites if one of the three categories. These termites reside in the ground. They then make mud tunnels which connect their homes to a source of food in your house. They will infest any wood structure in the foundation of your house and even climb up. This compromises the integrity of your foundation and may pose some serious safety risks for you and your family. To prevent this type of termites from infesting your premises, hire a pest control professional to apply repellents on woods and also treat your soil surrounding your premises with a termite control pesticide.

The second type of termites includes termites that reside in damp places. This category require moisture for them to survive. They can be found in ceilings and attics. Especially, if your roof is leaky. This type of termites can be prevented by ensuring that your house is properly ventilated. Also, it is important to ensure that routine roofing maintenance is done and that damages are identified and repairs are conducted early enough.

The last category of termites is one that loves to reside in cellulose materials. Wood is the most common cellulose material found in our premises. Therefore, you will find these type of termites in places like wooden decks and patios. The presence of this type of termites can be identified through holes or cavities seen in wooden surfaces

Walls are usually very vulnerable to termites. Therefore, if you are checking for the presence of termites in your home, check the walls. The reason why walls are a perfect place to locate termites is because they can be easily accessed from the ground. Some termites will even be found in carpets. Particularly, if they feed on non-cellulose material. They will eat up the carpet and damage it when in the process of looking for food sources.

Other places where termites can be found include window and door frames and areas near bathrooms.