3 Simple Tips For Lowering Your Electric Bills

3 Simple Tips For Lowering Your Electric BillsHello there my fellow citizen of Texas! If I may, let me introduce you to your long-lost buddy named “your money!”. In case you forgot, you know, Jackson, Lincoln and Washington? What did you say? The electric bill made you part ways before? Oh, how about these few simple and helpful tips so you can get back with your buddies!

Let’s not kid around. It’s summer in Texas and it’s nothing to sneeze at. If you can find a miraculous way of squeezing a few bucks from sweating alone, then you would easily get RICH AND FAMOUS! With all the weather changes, you would be constantly changing the temperature all the time. You may be heating or cooling, but both will cost you money in terms of electric bills. This article is going to focus on lowering your monthly electricity costs.

Tip#1 – This tip is one my favorite simply because it’s free! To battle the summer heat in Texas, one of the best things to do is to stop the summer heat from getting inside of your home in the first place. How? By simply keeping your curtains, blinds, windows and doors closed. By doing so, you will achieve at keeping the temperature of your home cooler. You may be thinking right now as “but that’s like the same as living in a cave!”. While it is true that your home might be a little darker. However, it’s summer time so it won’t be that dark. Besides, you can always use a lamp, and it would be less expensive compared to using electricity to cool your home.

Tip#2 – This tip hits two birds with one stone. First, find a way to reduce the use of a certain appliance to lower the electricity costs. And second, make use of the heat produced by some appliances. Confused? For example, rather than using a dryer, make use of a clothesline to dry your clothes. Also, on top of the money you save, your clothes will smell wonderful! Keep in mind that the dryer is one of the most expensive appliances in your home. Under the same tip category, save the use of stove during the mornings and late evenings as these appliances produce heat. The additional heat is most likely welcomed during late nights and mornings.

Tip#3 – This next step is going to sound silly that you might be tempted to kick yourself for not figuring it on your own. The trick is to use a ceiling fan! A ceiling fan can be used to circulate air within your home. This will significantly reduce the chance of hot and cold air from stagnating in the nooks and crannies within your home. A well-circulated air increases energy efficiency and reduces electric bills. You can use use fans for the same purpose. Although operating such appliances will cost electricity, but then its not as expensive as making use of the central air system.

These tips will require constant application to see the difference in your electricity bills in Dallas. For example, controlling the environment and temperature within the home is they key for reuniting you with your old pals, Jackson, Lincoln and Washington.