It’s the D-day! For months, you have been waiting for your wedding day. The venue is just perfect. A beautiful oceanfront for the nuptials followed by a cocktail hour on the terrace. Then a photograph session outdoors. But wait; Mother Nature as we all know is fickle and can serve up just any kind of weather. What do you do when it rains on your wedding day?

Engage your backup plan

Having a backup plan is a no-brainer. Think of an alternative site for your ceremony just in case it pours down. If it’s raining, get over it and get ready. Nothing is more romantic that a bride & groom holding matching parasols. How about a photo with the whole bridal party holding matching umbrellas? Isn’t that adorable? Talk to your photographer (there are many wedding austin wedding photo pros all you have to do is chose the best) and have them come up with a unique way of capturing those special moments.

Tweak, tweak, tweak

Are your guests going to get their bottoms wet from sitting on the chairs? Don’t worry. Arrange with your local hardware for clear plastic tarps. If your weather App forecasts iffy weather then cover up anything you wouldn’t want to get wet. If luck is on your side and the rain subsides, make sure somebody wipes the chairs thus avoiding the embarrassment of wet bottoms.

Can’t do outdoor photos on your wedding? No problem. Do it after

Did you know that the color saturation of photographs is about 10 times more defined in rainy weather than they appear in brilliant sunlight? Since few people opt to go outside in the rain for photographs, you shouldn’t be surprised that your photographer is up to the challenge. It may sound cliche, but your smiles will be brilliant and brighter than any ray of sunshine. If the downpour is heavy, you can reschedule the photo session altogether. Set up a time when the weather is kinder, get your hair done, throw in your fancy wedding attire and go for it. Your photographer would be happy to help you. This way, you can pose at places you’d wanted without a strict timeline to work with.


For next to nothing you can use hay to spread over the area which can be slippery. The hay soaks up water and keeps your feet dry and happy. One more thing; a cute pair of wellies that match your theme should also be able to do the trick for you. Add on a pair of clear bubble umbrellas and your wedding will be the talk of town.

Wedding photographers must help their clients (which in this case is the bride and bridegroom along with their party) get value for money. As much as the spirits may be damped by showers, there is no need to feel gloomy. How many wedding photos have you seen taken in the rain? It’s only and that makes them even more unique. Enjoy your wedding day and capture all those precious moments. After all, we all get married once, don’t we (wink wink)?